Welcome back! Today we’re talking all about the beautiful, tiny, coastal town of Malibu, California. Located less than twenty miles west of the Santa Monica Pier, Malibu is the largest tiny town located on the map. Smaller than the island of Manhattan but equally as known, Malibu is a pop-culture staple. Thanks to the rich and famous of Hollywood.

Each and every trip I take to Califonia is different. This time I was determined to visit Malibu. Before you explore the gorgeous town, here are three things to make your trip even better.

Beware of Traffic

Lets begin with traffic. Traffic, UGH! There is nothing worse than traffic in Los Angeles. It’s so bad, one time it took me forty minutes just to drive nine miles to the airport. As my family and I were driving from Long Beach to Malibu, we left early in the morning and the commute took less than an hour. However, on our way back it took two and a half hours! I highly reccomend leaving before 2PM so get there early in the AM to make the most of your trip.

The Best Beaches in Malibu

As a long time One Direction fan, I couldn’t just skip the most iconic beach in all of California– Sycamore Cove Beach. Thanks to this handy website I was even able to find the exact coordinates. The beach was beautiful. The weather year round in Malibu is of a warm-summer Mediterraean climate and never goes above 71 degrees. A few beaches to visit alongside Sycamore are Zuma, Surfrider, Paradise Cove, and Carbon Beach.

Malibu Farm

Malibu is home to a lot of quirky resturants but my favorite by far is Malibu Farm. Guests are offered two ways to dine. The Malibu Farm Restaurant is a full-service restaurant with full bar & specialty cocktails, located at the start of the pier. And The Malibu Farm Cafe is a counter-service cafe, located at the END of the pier, over the Pacific Ocean. Malibu Farm offers fresh, farm-to-table food from Southern California as breathtaking as the view. (I recommend the gluten free waffles and fresh queezed orange juice).

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